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1 week Stew & Cocoa Guarantee for Freelance Assignments

1 Week Stew & Cocoa Guarantee for freelance assignments

Contractor agreement

Accepting placements which are covered by the Stew & Cocoa guarantee means that you have agreed to the following terms in additional to your contract and booking form:

  • You will be paid 1 weeks in arrears i.e. work completed w/e 7 August 2020 will be paid on 14 August, if, an approved timesheet has been submitted to Granite. (and invoice for Ltd company contractors)
  • You agree to commence assignment on the agreed start date and will not finish the assignment before completing the works agreed, as per the ‘Scope of Works’ detailed in your booking confirmation.  Should you leave the assignment beforehand you forfeit the final 1 weeks’ pay.

Client agreement

By choosing to use our Stew and Cover product, you are covered by the Stew & Cocoa guarantee meaning you are guaranteed a freelance worker who is one of our bankers.  The contractor has agreed to the above, which remains in place until the original agreed completion of specified works.  Any extension beyond this date may result in a change of terms that will be discussed beforehand.

Should our contractor not remain on assignment for any reason other than the client terminating early, then you will not be charged for the final week.

The guarantee will be invalidated if you do not pay invoices within 14 days of invoice date.