Our retained product offers a simple 2 stage payment solution.

  • We visit you and take a brief.  That brief will include a technical specification, personal profile and i3 psychometric profile.  In a fast paced and changing world agility and cultural ‘fit’ are measurables, which are as vital for the organisation to thrive as past experience. We provide you with a proposal incorporating this, a programme, mode of operations and a list of target competitors
  • First stage paid on appointment and ratification
  • We identify and secure your ‘game changer’ exclusively.
  • Second stage paid

Case Study

Following continued success in the workplace market as D&B contractor for Mechanical services and maintenance, Edge DBS were looking to make a board appointment. This appointment was key in the growth of their major project offering with traditional contractors. We consulted with the owners and felt that a cultural fit was the key driver. As a result, Granite Executive were retained as profilers and consultants resulting in a successful appointment within 4 months at first attempt.


"Granite Search had worked sporadically with us for years and a proactive approach from their Executive arm led to a meeting to discuss a new Board Appointment.  Following an initial consultation we established a detailed specification and programme opting for their exclusive 2 stage retained Search product. Then we added their I3 profiling product which enabled us to build a psychometric profile for our ideal candidate. Within 16 weeks we had identified and secured our man and I can with confidence and enthusiasm endorse Granite Executives efforts".

David Smith  Edge dbs