Executive Agent

You are in a leadership role seeking more.  The market ‘has ears’.  You need confidential and sensitive representation. Our Executive Agent offering begins with an offsite meeting and a ‘no strings’ consultation.  Should you decide to appoint us we agree a shortlist of target businesses, a mode of operations, a clear message and a programme.  We proactively engage those clients on an exclusive basis for you as your Executive Agent.

Case Study

Having used granite as a recruitment partner at Byrne Group over many years, Tess Duffell, Stat Board HR Director regretfully left the business following a change in ownership. The subsequent move was not right. She contacted Granite Executive and following an initial consultation instructed us to represent her as exclusive Executive Agent. Within 6 weeks we had successfully engaged with 3 businesses on her behalf leading to an appointment at an international leading brand.


"It has been interesting working with you as a candidate and I have been seriously impressed and delighted with your service on my behalf​".

Tess Duffell