Stew & Cocoa S3 Episode 4: Toni talks all things joinery with James Ivey, Head of Commercial and Operations at Falkus Joinery Ltd.

7 months ago by Toni Camisotti

Stew & Cocoa S3 Episode 4: Toni talks all things joinery with James Ivey, Head of Commercial and Operations at Falkus Joinery Ltd.




Welcome back to season 3, episode 4 of Stew & Cocoa. Today, host Toni Camisotti is joined by James Ivey, Head of Commercial and Operations at Falkus Joinery Ltd. 

James tells us how Falkus Joinery Ltd. works with some of the most prolific main contractors, architects, developers, and designers to achieve their business goal of improving commercial joinery services as a whole, which will ultimately result in complete customer satisfaction. 

Falkus Joinery Ltd. operates with the vision of delivering even the most complex joinery requirements on time and within budget. James explains that although sometimes that is difficult to adhere to (especially in the current market), they will only commit to jobs that they know they can complete - again, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of what they do. James also pulls out some interesting statistics, from prices to productivity, to provide our listeners with everything they need to know about the joinery industry right now. 

This episode is definitely one to watch for anyone already situated in or with a particular interest in the joinery trade. Give it a listen - you won’t be disappointed. Listen below.

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A lot’s changed in Construction recently. The IR35 deadline’s been and gone. The whole world's emerging out of lockdown all at once. Demand is booming, materials prices are rising exponentially and wage inflation is on the horizon. Whilst the social world returns to something resembling normal, are we walking back into a totally different workplace to the one we left? 

As we enter our third season of the Stew & Cocoa podcast, we've got a lot to look forward to. 

The show features lively conversations with a hand-picked roster of construction industry leaders. We'll explore how their roles have changed over the last year, the challenges they've faced, the creative solutions they've had to employ to overcome them and how the new working environment will continue to evolve. 

  • How have they dealt with the pandemic? 
  • What challenges have they faced and innovations offered to meet them over the past year? 
  • How has the combination of the demand for post lockdown flexible working and new IR35 legislation influenced their talent attraction strategy? 
  • What can we do to make work better than it was before? 

We know now that good candidates are already in short supply. Our aim is to help the market back on its feet as quickly as possible, at the same time showcasing businesses leading the way in their return to work strategy, boosting their employer branding credentials in the process. 

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