Inspirational Leadership Award Episode 3 with Joe Giordano

19 days ago by Debbie Spencer

Inspirational Leadership Award Episode 3 with Joe Giordano


Joe Giordano, CEO at Bargate Consulting is back for the second season of the Stew & Cocoa Podcast. In Ep.3 we discuss the possible long term effects of the pandemic to the industry, the human cost of the impact and most importantly Joe’s nomination for the Inspirational Business Leader award (a surprise twist you don't want to miss!). Link in comments.

He also tells us a little bit about his chosen charity, Veterans for Wildlife, a very worth organisation that helps fight against wildlife crime & poaching by supporting local law enforcement agencies. In doing so their programmes offer unique opportunities for veterans to transition into civilian life and continue to make a positive impact on society.

Get in touch with me directly if you're interested in nominating an inspirational and innovative leader in the construction industry for our Inspirational Business Leader Award.