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Stew & Cocoa Podcast - Episode 3

Toni Camisotti
over 3 years ago by Louise Hall

Stew & Cocoa Podcast - Episode 3


Ep.3 of the Stew & Cocoa podcast with John Howie BSc, CEng, FICE, FEANE of John Howie & Associates is out now!

John provides a useful insight into the liabilities of all supply chain members who have elected to place sites on stop. We discuss some of the questionable decisions that have been made, albeit with good initial intentions; the mindset of contractors, subcontractors and the supply chain; and the advice that John's been giving to individuals and companies.

Providing everything from programming services, to help re-sequencing sites, to ensuring safe social distancing, to legal advice on contractual risk mitigation from his in-house solicitors, £1000 spent now could save hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs in the months to come.

Let us know if John or one of the team can help you by contacting us for an initial no fee consultation: