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Stew & Cocoa Podcast - Episode 2

Toni Camisotti
over 3 years ago by Louise Hall

Stew & Cocoa Podcast - Episode 2


Episode 2 of the Stew & Cocoa Podcast is out now!

For this episode I spoke with Joe Giordano, an ex consultant QS, but he does much more interesting work now in project finance and due diligence for major sovereign wealth funds and retail banks among others. He also has almost as many charitable commitments as letters after his name and is thoroughly entertaining over a beer! Joe gives his views on the investment outlook for funds he’s involved with, a worrying insight into the cash strains of supply chains and the peril of charities in the current climate, with a final reflection on the planet and big society.

A great conversation, plug in and enjoy! Stream/download/watch: