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Stew & Cocoa Podcast - Episode 1

Toni Camisotti
over 3 years ago by Louise Hall

Stew & Cocoa Podcast - Episode 1


Episode 1 of the Stew & Cocoa podcast is out now:

In challenging times, Granite Search offers ‘stew and cocoa’ to the front line in construction's response to Covid 19.

How does a major builder increase sales by 20% in 6 months? What bid service can demonstrably prove it nets 100 x the amount spent in fees within the year and establish long term success processes? Jeremy Brim CP APMP and Growth Ignition have the answers and as an ex Brahma at Mace with a Pittsburgh of past successes we thought him uniquely placed to help us with a plan for the next 100 days. And indeed he has done just that along with providing a digital toolkit and other MC services.

If you need to find ‘the angle’ to survive today and thrive tomorrow plug in. Enjoy Episode 1 of the podcast and if you're interested in finding out more about Growth Ignition's 100 day plan once you've had a listen, have a look at their Bid Toolkit here: