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Granite Search Provides Stew & Cocoa

Toni Camisotti
over 3 years ago by Louise Hall

Granite Search Provides Stew & Cocoa


The team here at Granite Search would like to reassure you during this time of uncertainty, that we are thinking of all of our candidates and clients.

‘Strive Together, Keep Calm & Carry On’ is our mission and our motto to help keep our industry moving, but it is a bit of a mouthful… ‘Stew & Cocoa’ seemed a fitting and more palatable abbreviation with welcome, nourishing, reassuring and warming overtures.

Our goal with this NEW suite of products is two fold:

  1. To keep our partnered clients supplied with business-critical staff whilst helping the cream of those out of work back to earning...
  2. To prune the average to poor performers (Hired out of necessity during the economic growth of the last 10 years) and UPSKILL with the best in the market.

Who knew that keep calm and carry on’ would still be so relevant and fitting in 2020?

Now is THE TIME time to IMPROVE and UPSKILL your workforce or  / and  deliver a business critical need! We have a short video which explains ‘Stew & Cocoa’

In addition to that, we are working closely with John Howie Associates who are able to provide you with the appropriate support in reaching the best position possible for your Business and Construction Sites.

They cover all aspects of construction consultancy from Health & Safety, logistics, Delay Analysis, Formulation of Claims, etc. through to support in dispute resolution. They have a close working relationship with a notable Construction Solicitor and are therefore also able to assist with legal agreements. For details on this please listen to our podcast here.

If you would like to discuss your recruitment plans and how you can upskill your current workforce please contact us today