Reccommend Granite Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions
1 The nature and value of the thank you gift shall be at the sole discretion of Granite.
2 The person to whom you pass your Recommend Granite Card ("Candidate") must not already be registered on our database system.
3 The Candidate must bring the Recommend Granite Card (identifying you as the individual who recommended Granite) with them for the interview with our Associate.
4 If more than one person recommends the same Candidate, the thank you gift will only be given to one individual (to be selected at Granite's sole discretion).
5 The Candidate must subsequently be placed by Granite into a new position and your gift will be issued subject to clause 6.
6 The gift will be issued once the Candidate has:

Been employed in excess of 3 months for permanent placements

or must have worked through Granite for a minimum 8 week period (this can be combined duration of consecutive contracts or duration of one contract) for freelance roles.

7 There is no expiry date on the Recommend Granite Card issued to you.
8 There is no restriction to the amount of recommendations you can make.
9 Entry into the scheme is at the sole discretion of Granite.
10 Granite is under no obligation to place the Candidate in a role. Each Candidate will be considered on their own merits.
11 Granite may cancel, withdraw or amend the scheme, or these conditions without prior notice.
12 Granite will not be liable to reimburse expenses, refund or rearrange any gift or vouchers arrangement which were postponed, cancelled by the original organisation / manufacturer /
supplier; this also includes any damage caused to goods during transit / delivery. Granite shall have no liability in respect of your use or enjoyment of the prize, which shall be at your own risk.