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We believe we have a social responsibility to share success, so we pledge a percentage of our profit each year to charity and we sponsor industry related training and education. We are proud to have supported a number of charities so far, including:

  • The Movement Centre
  • The Joanna Bryant Benefit Trust
  • The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Leukaemia Care
  • Support in Mind

We also support The Worshipful Company of Constructors, who fund a number of scholarships each year for aspiring individuals or projects within the industry.


Arnabh's Story

June 2017


Arnabh celebrated his first birthday at the hospital, spending a total of 15 months in four different hospitals before coming home for the first time. Born with a very rare genetic neuro-muscular condition called Myotubular Myopathy, he requires 24/7 ventilation to support his breathing as a first priority and he is gastrostomy peg fed. 

He is now at home with his parents Kapil and Bhawana breathing through 24/7 ventilation. Kapil and Bhawana are struggling with Arnabh’s mobility as it is very difficult for them to travel with him and all his equipment, as well as hiring mobility vehicles suitable for him, which not only is expensive but difficult to source as well. 


The team at Granite Search & Selection raised funds to support Kapil, a company friend and his wife in buying a car to fit all their son's equipment, so that they can travel and enjoy day outs in parks, the zoo etc.


"Thank you Holly and the entire Granite team for your generous support. We don't have enough words to say how much it means to us. We're overwhelmed what you have been doing for Arnabh. Amazing people like you melts our heart. The concept you've gone through is very exciting, something interesting too. Thank you soo much again. Best wishes from us all." ❤ - Kapil & Bhawana



Myotubular Trust

June 2016

"We were very touched by you kindness, and the generous donation to the Trust. We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you all at Granite.


Having a baby with a rare and life threatening disease can be incredibly isolating. Knowing that you’re not alone on your journey, I know from personal experience, makes such a big difference. I hope that that is part of what the Myotubular Trust achieves, but it is also the other unseen benefit from a donation like yours, and a message like yours. Knowing that people are moved by your child’s condition, and that they want to help make a difference, has a very big impact on all of us with children born with myotubular myopathy. So thank you from us for what you’ve given to the Trust, but a very very big thank you for what you’ve done for Kapil and his lovely family." - Anne Lennox – Founding Parent and Trustee


To find out more about what the Trust does with the team, you can watch a short film about it here. 



South Downs Way Walk

May 2016

The Movement Centre Fundraiser


The South Downs Way Walk was a 7 day event to raise money for the Acute Southampton Stroke Unit. Inspired and organised by a local company’s managing partner who suffered from a severe stroke. After receiving outstanding care he was able to make a full recovery. The unit have a severe shortage of key equipment which enables recovery – including only having one hoist for the entire ward, which means some patients go whole days without being moved.


Our People Director, Alice Carroll lead a team of 4 in successfully completing the first 2 days, 15 miles per day. She comments, “Not a ‘Spartan’ achievement, but nonetheless the aches and blisters were plentiful!”



Taylor Wimpey Challenge

May 2016

They’ve beaten the Brecon Beacons and prevailed in the Peak District. The third Taylor Wimpey Challenge took the team to bonny Scotland, home of the Highland Games, the Haggis and the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis. Challenge 1: Going for Gold Teams compete in an inter-BU Highland Games which could include anything from caber tossing to bagpipe playing! Then the teams took on Ben Nevis, comprising of a 15km hike with a 1400m ascent. Challenge 2: The Braveheart. For those who aren't happy with just one mountain, they extended the challenge to take on the highest mountains in Wales and England too!


Taylor Wimpey raised all monies for the Youth Adventure Trust – ‘We aim to give some of the UK's most disadvantaged 11 - 14 year olds the hope, confidence and life skills to meet the challenges in their lives. The Youth Adventure Programme takes them on a journey of discovery, fun and adventure. We use the great outdoors to give children the chance to fulfil their potential and the tools to make a positive contribution to society.’


Granite Spartans complete The Spartan Sprint!

April 2016

The Movement Centre Fundraiser


In a moment of over-enthusiasm or insanity (we are still not too sure which one) 23 of the gang at Team Granite decided to sign up to the Spartan Sprint 2016.

We ran, not 5, but 7.6kms with 20 secret obstacles through the Olympic Park. The obstacles included climbing a 30ft rope, crawling under barb wire a foot from the ground, tyre flipping and if you didn’t complete a challenge? A 30 burpee forfeit!

We got getting down and dirty for our good friends at The Movement Centre. They do phenomenal work helping children with cerebral palsy and related movement issues. They are a small charity that make a huge difference through their specialist Targeted Training, aiding children to sit and balance unassisted, sometimes even stand or walk! The funds we raise for The Movement Centre go directly to courses of Targeted Training and seeing updates on the kid’s progressing makes our efforts all the more rewarding.



Team Boon: Race The Plane

Feb 2016

The Movement Centre Fundraiser


Hats off to our friends Team Boon who took part in Race the Plane, an event where teams raced against a BA plane flying between JFK airport and Heathrow Terminal 5. Team Boon managed to raise the most for Oxfam in their efforts!

Riding on state-of-the-art indoor bikes, each team needed to cover a minimum average speed of 16mph over 6.5hours. And it was all in aid of Oxfam GB's life-changing work around the world.


Events 2015


November 2015



In 2003, two mates from Melbourne, Australia were having a quiet beer at the Gypsy Bar in Fitzroy when their conversation turned to recurring fashion trends. The moustache, a fixture in past decades, was nowhere to be seen in recent trends. They joked about bringing it back.


The two friends decided to talk their mates into growing a Mo. Inspired by a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer, they decided to make the campaign about men's health and prostate cancer. They designed the rules of Movember (which are still in place today) and agreed to charge ten dollars to grow a Mo.

Having made its way across the other side of the globe, the boys of Granite got involved in the challenge this year. Ben Wilson, Jack Tourlamain and Daniel Warne go their mo on and raised over £500! Well done boys!



Building Lives


#loveLIVES Campaign

June 2015


The #loveLIVES campaign aimed to raise £400,000 in 50 days in order to save the short-term future of Building Lives.

Managing Director, Paula Mitchell comments: “We are constantly plagued by candidate shortages and we thought, rather than just shuffling people around the industry, why don’t we try to help people get a foothold into the industry as well?”


Serve On


Serve On's Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief

April 2015


The 2015 Nepal earthquake killed more than 7,000 people and injured more than twice as many. It was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake. Some casualties were also reported in the adjoining areas of India, China, and Bangladesh.

Granite have donated £5000 to Serve On to aid the disaster relief efforts.



Sharing Success Fundraiser

Jan 2015


We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who joined us on the 22nd January for our Sharing Success Fundraiser in aid of The Movement Centre.


We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and we can't thank you enough for your generosity. Granite pledged to match every pound donated, so in total, together with your support, we have rounded it up to £50,000. 

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